Why watch movies online?


Watching movies online has already been the trend since many years ago. It has slowly replaced the traditional means of watching newly released films. Before, people used to go to the movie houses and stay in line as they wait for their turn to buy their tickets. But now, with all the hi-tech gadgets and devices that we have, movies of all kinds are already available online. In fact, you can even view your favorite TV shows now if you use streaming sites like Putlocker. And the good thing is, you can watch them over and over again if you wish to.

Online movies

gshsahsshgsasaIf you go online, you will find a lot of movie sites such as Putlocker that you can utilize whenever you feel like doing a movie marathon with your family, best friend, or with your special someone. No more need to rent CDs or DVDs nor go to the movie theaters. Everything that you want to watch is within your reach with just a few clicks.

If you are a movie buff, here are the reasons why you should watch movies online.

1. To save money

Can you imagine how much money you spend on movie tickets everytime you go to a movie house? I am sure it’s a lot especially if the film that you want to see is a blockbuster. Some theaters even tend to raise the price of tickets if they know that the movie that they are showing is good enough to drive the viewers crazy. As an additional expense to the tickets that you need to get, of course, you would get yourself some snacks. What about the gas that you burn driving to the movie house?

If you add them up, I am sure you will be shocked with how much you are spending just to see a single movie. But you know what, these expenses will be eliminated if you just sit back and relax at home and watch movies online.

2. Watch unlimited movies and TV shows

With movie streaming sites, you can actually watch as many movies and TV shows as you can. As they always say, until you drop! You can see all the movies that you have been dying to watch until dawn.

3. Free movies

hgsdsadsahgsadsaWatching movies online won’t cost you anything if you choose the right website. Again, this is a great saving for you. Just imagine, unlimited movies and TV shows all night long FOR FREE. How awesome would that be?


Factors to Consider when Buying Types of Colors for Face Painting


Many face painters commit one mistake, which is just going to the nearby local arts and crafts market and buying cheaper water colors or crafts paints believing them to be ideal for face painting. It is critical to understand that applying the right face painting colors is significant because it will determine the safety of your clients as well as the satisfaction they get. A professional Face Painter only use the right types of paints when face painting. You should look for the recommended types of colors use for face painting before you embark on offering the service to your customers.

Best tips

Ingredients of the colors

Colors for face painting should not have content that is metallic. Products with metallic content have side effects to qwdfaghyplkmbvthe skin and can irritate as well as harm the customers’ skin when used. The glitters are colors used in finalizing the picture on the face to make the painting glimmer with beauty.

The best glitters that are safe for skin and face painting are available in the makeup section of the shop and not the section for crafts. They should also be non-metallic and contain polyester to qualify for use on the skin. Only apply cosmetics labeled as skin or face paint.

Application of the type of color

Cosmetics are available on the market with varied functionalities and usage. You should consider keenly the kind of color you buy because some are not ideal for face painting. Some colors have a “Non-Toxic” tag on their instruction manual, however; this does not mean that they are safe for application on the skin. Cosmetics such as pencils, watercolor markers, and acrylic craft paints are not appropriate for use on the skin.

It is because colors such as watercolor markers can be difficult to wash away thus lasting a long time on the clients skin. Other colors read “washable”; this again does not mean they are easily removable from the skin. Safe brands of colors for face painting include Ben Nye, Kryolan, Wolfe, Mehron, Paradise, Fardel, Snazaroo, and Brothers.

The design of the painting

jbvxzwqqFace painting involves three basic steps, and every step has its particular type of colors used. The first step is the application of the base colors using a wedge sponge. In this phase, you should use the lighter colors before applying, the darker color for more appeal.

The second step is drawing the design of the details or the picture you want to paint using your brushes. After doing this drawing, you should consider coloring the image with the ideal color, preferably the one recommended by the customer. The final stage is finishing details, which involve the application of brighter colors and glitters to make the picture more appealing.


Advantages of taking online guitar classes


Learning the guitar can be a daunting task, especially if you have a very tight daily schedule. With a lot of dedication needed, taking guitar classes has been on the low. To the rescue comes online-based classes, and guitar lessons have not been left out. With a lot of guitar lessons online for beginners, it can be easy to dismiss them as fraudulent. Below we discuss some of the best sides of taking this online classes.

Benefits of online guitar classes


Most online classes take a video library approach, where the instructors pre-record videos explaining the individual classes and availing them as complete courses. The student can then buy the videos and learn at their pace and time of convenience. This is much better compared to going to a physical class, where you have to keep up with a fixed schedule and incur extra charges, e.g., transportation.


When taking online guitar classes, you have a wide array of lessons to choose from. Be it a beginners class of a mastery course, you can be sure to get your fit. This one also allows individuals to focus on their strengths, compared to going through an entire class just to match with fellow colleagues. So if you want to be a base guitar player, you can easily concentrate on that and foster your skills. This is a particularly very compelling reason to choose online classes.


There are very many people offering guitar lessons on various online platforms. This eliminates monopoly and makes the course providers give competitive prices. Compared to physical classes, you can be sure to get cheaper courses on the internet. Make sure to compare different courses before subscribing to one. You can even go through the numerous online reviews to get a better suggestion from them.


By timely, we mean that the courses will be availmzxvlzxmvlmzxvlmzxlvmlzxmvzxvzvzxvlable to you anytime you need them. The best part of online-based guitar classes, whether live or pre-recorded, is that a copy of each lesson can be easily recorded and used for reference in the future. This is useful because you can easily recap on a section if need be.

These are some of the best reasons to take online guitar classes. It is helpful to note that the above list doesn’t exhaust all the goodies online guitar classes have to offer. With so many classes available, you can never go wrong with online guitar classes.


Top Sites To Watch Free TV Shows Online


Nowadays, you do not need a television cable or set to enjoy watching full episodes anytime you want. There are several websites that offer you the opportunity to watch series online free. Moreover, they include some of the popular TV show programs. However, the trick lies in finding the top sites that are free of charge. There are sites out there that can scam you by signing up and charging your credit card or require you to complete surveys. Moreover, some sites that force you to make downloads can infect your computer with harmful malware.

If you want to use the unofficial site to stream TV shows and episodes live, you need to carry out extensive research and ask other users whether it is safe. You should stay off troublesome sites and check the following trusted and high-quality sites.

Top sites

Watch Series Online

This is a relatively new site but with hundreds of popular TV shows to watch. In fact, you can watch TV shows online for free without downloading. You can watch your favorite TV shows, popular rt53ta6uu3j3k3k93episodes, and TV series without being disturbed by ads. The good thing about this site is that it does not store logs or use cookies. Moreover, it does not request your personal information. Therefore, you are free to stream TV shows online anonymously.


This is another site where you can watch most popular and best TV episodes. In fact, you will find the new episodes available in less than 24 hours after being originally aired on TV. Other than giving you a broad range of things to watch, they also provide you with several movies and documentaries. The main downside of this site is that it is only free for the first seven days when they give you a free trial. After the free trial period, you will start paying a particular amount of money monthly.


This is a totally free site to stream your favorite TV shows and episodes. Moreover, you can create your personal watch lists. This fr2f262y72u282i9ensures that you can keep a track record of everything you want to watch. Moreover, you will have accessibility on the major platforms. You will find this site a great alternative, which you can enjoy streaming TV shows online. You can also download its apps and use them to stream TV shows on your mobile device.

If you are serious about enjoying premium TV show quality, consider using the above websites. You will find the latest content to enjoy during your free time.


Movies You Can Watch Online


The majority of internet users know that there are many sources of movies online for free. However, you need to be very careful when it comes to watching movies online. Free Movies Online are available for movie buffs. There are several fraudulent companies, which appear decently. Such companies offer movies and have hidden ferocious intentions. Therefore, they cheat your money and can infect your computer. Thus, you need to take some precautions when streaming movies online.

To start watching your favorite movies online, you need to conduct adequate research and weed out some websites. It is just like k623ted7u29ied9o01shopping for materials. You need to check details about services or products that are provided on the website.

Looking for movies

Comparison shopping means that you check various details of services or products, which are offered by the company. Thus, you will weigh services, quality, the range of movies, and membership fees. You should also consider services of downloading the movies. Always, avoid sites that want to cheat you of your money. It is advisable to go for popular movie companies to ensure that you get good value.

You should take into account experiences of other users. Yo need to check some of the movies they have watched and sites they are members. This will help you know whether the sites you are considering are reliable or not. Testimonials or reviews posted by customers. The best evidential advice whether the website is trusted or not can only be gotten from the past customers. Thus, you need to check reviews from discussion blogs and forums as they are accurate.

Other than that, watching movies online requires right software integrated into your device. Some companies of websites may need a particular type of program to watch or download movies. When you install the software as a platform, you can access several movies. 63te6dy72u8di02Considering your internet connection is vital. You need a high-speed internet connection. This will make it easy for you to search your favorite movies. Moreover, you will find it easy to stream movies online.

Watching movies online is an amazing experience every movie buff craves for. In this era, it is very easy to find a movie of your choice. There are classic movies, educational movies, and war movies. There are also movies for children. Thus, you can get something to enjoy as a whole family. It is advisable to try the free movie sites as you will not pay even a single penny.


Let Bust-A-Move Take Care Of You On Your Wedding Day


Preparing for a wedding involves a lot of details. Some are large and some are small. But either way, all the details need to be taken into consideration to ensure that the celebration will go smoothly without any hassles. One of the things that need to be decided upon is the means of transportation. Since it is going to be a big day, you can expect a big crowd. And so, you have to think of a comfortable and efficient way to transport you and your guests from the church to the reception and to anywhere else you want to go. The best solution – hire a party bus.

Bust-A-Move party bus

gfsagfsagfsaIf you are getting married in Perth, Australia or the nearby towns, you can contact Bust-A-Move and arrange for them to help you during the big day. Their bus can accommodate 45 of your guests. Hence, it helps you eliminate the hassles of having multiple means of transporting your guests from one point to another. You can even utilize the Bust-A-Move bus whenever you have your rehearsals before the wedding. This will make it easier for you to organize everything since your bridesmaids, groomsmen, as well as the primary and secondary sponsors can be at the venue at the same time.

The Bust-A-Move party bus has a sound system that can be used to play any music that you or your friends and families want to hear as you go on your way to the destination. It also has cool looking LED lights installed that will definitely hype up everyone. Thus, it creates a good atmosphere as all of you get ready for the party. Additionally, the bus is wide enough for everybody to roam around unlike the traditional limousines or cars that were being used for weddings.

Contact Bust-A-Move

asasgsIf you want to use a party bus for your wedding, you can contact Bust-A-Move anytime. You can also check their website www.bustamove.com.au for you to see the different features of their buses. On their web page, you will be able to fill up a form and request for a quote. Hiring a Bust-A-Move party bus is as easy as 1-2-3. All you have to do is to get a quote, complete the booking, make the payment, and everything is all set. Let Bus-A-Move take care of you and your guests as you enjoy the most awaited moment in your life.


How You Can Watch Movies On Your Android for Free


Did you know that you can watch movies on your Android device free of charge? It is surprising that people believe that you must pay, purchase or subscribe to a certain site before watching any movie. However, the truth is that you can watch movies using your Android with ShowBox App APK Download wherever you are. All you have to do is to utilize some of the free apps out there and make watching movies a lifetime experience.

Old methods

The development of movie apps has made watching movies simple and easy. Gone are the days when movie-watching was for a chosen few. Also, the fact that you had to rent a movie from popular sites such as Blockbuster and Netflix made watching movies complicated process for the majority. These merchants used to rent their customers t536fe375o6g248movies.It was mandatory for a customer to return a previously rent movie before being allowed to rent a new one.

These methods had their shortcomings. They limited people on the kind o movies to watch, and there was a total limitation of access to certain movies. However, with apps, you can download a movie and watch it using your Android at any time.

Membership sites

The emergence of the internet has made movie watching exciting and cheap. You don’t have to download movies into a DVD player. All you have to do is utilize thousands of sites online with different types of movies. You will be required to pay a small onetime registration fee, and you will be done. You will then have unlimited access to millions of such movies online.

Different apps you can use

There are several apps you can use to watch movies using your Android. Do not rush into purchasing any app without doing bt3563o7hka63go36l9research. You need diligence so that you don’t fall the prey of scam purporting to offer such apps online. You should choose an app offering access to a large database to several movies and even TV channels online. Remember, an app you can access at any time, and any place is the best. Avoid apps with limited access.

Choose a good app

Watching movies should to exciting. You need an app that streams movies fast without compromising their quality. Watching movie has taken a new dimension-from the introduction of the internet to the invention of movie apps. This has made movie watching exciting, simple and easy. Utilize these new tools and you will not regret.


Safety when Using a Trampoline


Playing on a trampoline is a fun activity for the whole family, and it has grown in popularity quite a bit in the recent years. However, with more people using it, the number of accidents have also risen.

The causes of these accidents

According to a survey, more than 70% of trampoline-related accident jyhtgfoccur when more than one person uses it simultaneously. And in most cases the person who weighs less is the one that is prone to injury. If there are children playing on a trampoline the accidents do not seem to be prevented and therefore, calls for a trained professional to be present.

Here are some simple steps that you could take to avoid these accidents from taking place or you could simply go to a trampoline park where there are trained professionals at hand.

When buying a Trampoline

When you are out shopping for a trampoline, don’t second guess the value of safety nets and safety pads. Even though they may cost you a little more cash, they can avoid serious injuries.

A safety net

A good quality safety net will help cover the inside and outer rail of the trampoline. The rail is the outer bar that connects the springs to the trampoline. With a good net, you can ensure that no one hits the hard surfaces in the area.

A safety pad

A quality safety pad will cover the rails and the springs so that the users will not hit them and even if they do there will be no injuries caused.

Do not only go for cheap products

Some items that are promoted as safe but are cheap may not be made of quality materials and therefore, can easily break under pressure. In such situations, the users can get hurt and need medical attention. Spending a little more money on a quality product will save you money that may have to be spent on medical treatment.

Springs or Springless

uyhbtgfrThere are trampolines that use springs (These are the common types), and there are ones that do not use springs.

When buying a trampoline that uses springs, always take note that the bigger it is, the more springs it should have. If you find any corrosion on the springs, they should be replaced immediately to avoid any mishaps.

The spineless models use an elastic material and are often made from reinforced fiberglass. These models are often promoted as being safer than the models that use springs, however, due to their design can cause some damage to your knees over time.


The Advantages Of Watching Free Movies Online


With the fascinating services that the Internet is offering, people have found different ways of entertainment. One of these is the viewing and downloading of movies online which has already been a part of today’s general system. The traditional methods like CD’s or DVD’s have already slowed down. Instead, the number of available movie apps and video streaming websites like movie4k is continuously increasing. Through this innovation, the viewers can enjoy any movie that they wish to see at absolutely no cost. Hence, more and more people were attracted to patronize such services.

Watch free movies online

asashjsasIf you look up online, you will realize that tons and tons of sites are providing free movies. Although some of them will require you to complete a sign-up or registration process and may restrict the number of movies that you can watch, a lot of them are also allowing you to access as many movies as you can.

The following are just a few of the many advantages of watching free movies online.


The free movies online are open to everyone and you can easily access the different websites that are offering them. Once you are on the web page, you may start looking for a movie that you want to watch. Through the use of the filters or categories, you will be able to quickly find the film that you are looking for. If you visit the website of movie4k, you can even download the movies that you desire so you can save and watch them at your most convenient time.

Huge variety of movies

Whether you are in search of a love story, comedy, horror, action, or suspense movie, you will certainly find them all online. The latest and box office films are even being offered. With this, you no longer have to wait for them to be shown on cable tv.

Free to use

ghashjashjsThe biggest advantage of watching movies online is the fact that it is for free. You won’t have to worry about paying expensive tickets like when you go to a theater to see just one movie. Additionally, you can access different videos and films for as long as you want and wherever you are provided that you have your smartphone or laptop with you. This makes free movies online a sure winner when compared to the other methods.


Find The Sky Customer Services Contact Number


If you have been finding it difficult to contact Sky, there is no need to be worried because you can easily do it through the Sky Customer Services Contact Number, besides sending them an email, fax and other options. Many people have messages to send to this company but do not know exactly how to it. Here are some of the reasons why you might want to contact them.

Reason to Contact Sky

Inquire about their services

The services offered by Sky are varied because they have many types of customers. You might be in one of the ju454rcustomer categories and want to know about the others. You also might want to know about the pricing of their services. This is more important if you are a new client who is interested in joining their large customer base. In this case, you can only be sure of what you are likely to get if you contact them and get all the information that you would like to know. You can check out http://www.number-directory.co.uk/sky-customer-services/ if you want to get in touch with Sky.

Offer them information

You also might be in possession of information that you believe would be of help to Sky. It could be about the quality of their services, complains from their customers, potential disruption of services and many others. In such a situation, you can be sure that Sky will appreciate it if you let them know about it as fast as possible. The good thing is that once you have their contact number, you do not have to take too long to get them since there always is someone waiting to take your call.

Share your experiences

54g3If you have been a Sky customer for some time, you definitely have a story to tell. You will be of much help if you let others know about these services. Did you like them? Do you have any comments? It is easy, contact Sky and let them know about it. You just never know, sometimes, your experiences could be used to make the services better and thus, you will have helped other customers who did not have the time to share their experiences.

Just like any other good company that cares about the welfare of their customers, Sky will always use the information that you give them through the Sky Customer Services Contact Number to give the best to you. There is no need to keep silent when you can easily interact with someone at the company through the phone.


Why choose a Day Spa to Relax?


Why choose Day Spa Adelaide when you want to enhance your beauty? Many people often do not know the benefits of visiting the place when they are looking for a complete beauty makeover. For those who have visited the beauty parlor, they have been able to enjoy the services offered by the experts thus enabling them to transform their looks. Here are the benefits of visiting them:

They use modern technology in offering beauty and skin care services

They have experts who understand the skin care products to use when 6372436you need facials, peels, or specialist treatments. With the modern technology that they use, you will be sure that you would enjoy their beauty and skin care services. With the technology they use in the customized facials, you will be sure that you would improve the looks of your skin in an amazing way.

Whether you need body massage or treatment, they have ensured that their experts offer quality beauty and skin care services to meet the expectations of the customers. With their qualified therapists, they will ensure that you are satisfied with the services for those who want to transform themselves naturally.

They offer a wide range of treatments

The therapists have been trained to make sure that they offer a wide range of services thus making them different from other beauty experts. Whether you need pedicure & manicure treatments, waxing services such as face, body, arms, and legs among others, they will always ensure that you are satisfied with their beauty and skin care services.

Also, when you request additional services, they will make sure that they provide you what you would need for your beauty. The number of people visiting them has been increasing over the last couple of years. They will ensure you do have excellent services to enable you to decide on whether you would like to enhance your beauty without using synthetic products.

nsfgnfbdzAffordable costs of their services

As opposed to other companies, they have been amazing when looking for these excellent services. When you hire them, you will be sure that you would save money, especially when looking for the best options on the market. Many customers have been able to save money, especially when acquiring the best price deals within the city.

In conclusion, the above are the benefits that come with hiring the services offered by Day Spa Adelaide when you need to improve the beauty and looks of your skin without having to use dangerous products sold in the market today.


The Best Turntables for DJ’s


There is life after technics, and this holds true for turntables. For DJ-oriented individuals, nothing is more crucial as getting the best turntable—it allows you to venture into DJ’ing completely! The recent past has witnessed an increase in turntable sales, and this justifies the reason, why as an aspiring DJ, you should not be left out.

1. Technics 1210s89764635fjd

When it comes to purchasing a new turntable, you have to be extremely vigilant lest you end up buying a turntable that will disappoint you. There is no doubt that the Technics 1210 turntable is the Godfather of all turntables; however, it is now a relic and is no longer being produced. If you search relentlessly on sites such as Amazon, you may be lucky to find a second hand one but the prices may be high.

2. Audio Technical AT-LP124O USB

Widely known as the successor of Technics 1210, the Audio Technical AT-LP124O USB features a sleek, robust design. This turntable has gained wide acceptance both from the beginners and professionals. It features an on-board amplifier and has a wider pitch control. Compared to the Technics, it has more functions and features with the same sound quality.

3. Reloop RP4000M

If you are looking for a turntable that is a bit pocket-friendly, then your search ends at Reloop RP4000M. While Reloops are newer turntables in the market, one thing is evident—they are here to stay as evidenced by their pocket-friendly prices. These turntables feature a solid metal chassis, powerful direct drive, and a well-designed tone arm. Arguably, Reloop is a great turntable for professional and beginning DJ’s.

4. Stanton T92 USB

For those people who need a pocket-friendly option with an added USB connectivity, then this is the ultimate turntable. The only minor but popular criticism about it is the low-quality slip mat. This mat, however, can be easily replaced. It has a reverse play feature, a key lock and a variable pitch rate. It is also very stable and extremely easy to set up. And although there is a learning curve, once you have mastered all the details, you will really have fun.

dmfs8w3950-6890765. Numark TTUSB

Apparently, no list of turntables would be complete without the Numark product. It has a USB addition making it the ultimate choice for a person on a budget who needs to convert vinyl to MP3. Apart from it being a quality turntable, it comes with software to connect to a PC thus making your work easier.

If you are looking for best turntables UK for DJ’s, you search narrows down to the above five options. Depending on your budget and a mix of specific features you need in a turntable, you should be able to settle for any of the above choices.


Benefits Of Watching Movies


Initially, you could only watch a movie at home on a big screen or a movies theater. Today all you need to watch a movie is access to the internet with a computer or a mobile device. There is no time and place restriction. You can watch movies online at movie2k in your office, in your car or at home. Below are more benefits that come with watching movies online.


Huge directories of movies

You can find any movie you want to watch online todayvr3452t5df5u. All you need to access the movie is the title or main actor. All movies from all genres are in movie sites. This includes the most recent movies. It is very easy to miss a movie that you want to watch on DVD or a theater.

You watch the movie you want

Watching a movie online can be done on PC or a mobile device. This means unlike in your home where you must take into consideration everyone around when you want to watch a movie. In a movie theater, you watch what is in their plan. You cannot watch the movie you want at the time you want. This is only possible online.

Free movies

There are no free movies in movie theaters, and for you to watch a movie at home, you need to buy a DVD. You can watch any movie online for free. All you need is access to the internet. There are several sites that offer movies for free online.

You can use any device to watch a movie

For you to watch a movie, online you need any device. It can be an tr5375hy475Internet TV, an Android device or an iPhone. These devices are easily available. The movie experience is good with the devices since most of them have high definition images unlike the big screens used at home.

You watch a movie everywhere at any time

There is no time restriction for online movies. As long as you have a device you can use to access the internet you can watch your movie from anywhere any time of the day. With the discovery of the Wi-Fi technology, you can watch a movie waiting for the lounge as you wait to see your doctor or in your car as you are driven home.

There are several advantages that are attributed with watching movies online. If you didn’t know, you could use your mobile phone right now to watch the movie that you have been yearning to watch.


Tips For Beginner Guitar Players


hdfhgfhg5Have you ever found yourself astonished watching your favorite band perform or a solo performer as he plays the guitar?I bet it is very inspiring especially if they are playing a song that you really like.You feel like you want to do it too, but you do not how to.

Learning how to play the guitar can be fun but challenging especially for beginners.But do not give up, you can do it.Just stay focused and believe in yourself.

Here are some tips for you to remember:


For each and every craft, you should know and master the basics for it will serve as your foundation.If you have a knowledge and a good understanding of what you are trying to learn then, you will succeed, and you will go a long way for sure.In playing the guitar, you should know the music theory.Once you master it, it will be a lot easier for you to be creative.You will be able to explore the things that you can do with your guitar.


A metronome is a device being used by guitar players.It gives you metrical beats and so i

t guides you in establishing a
tempo.It helps you create an accurate rhythm.


Take your time when you are learning the guitar.Do not rush in trying to do a complicated passage because it will only frustrate you.What you can do is to dissect the passage.Do one line at a time over and over again until you master all the lines.Then, try to do the entire passage slowly but surely.


Practicing like everyday will help you become more familiar with the craft.The more you practice, the better you become.It will also give you a room to explore the different playing techniques to make it a lot easier for you.


Learning the guitar is endless.So open yourself to new things.Do not be afraid to explore.Trying or exploring new hgfghfg5things will help you grow as a guitarist.

In every learning process, challenges will always be there.Without them, you will never grow as a learner.Take those challenges as an inspiration for you to keep on going.Persevere and be very patient, that is the secret of a successful guitarist.


The Latest Personal MP3 & MP4 Players


If you are music lover then it is probably a must for you to be able to listen to music wherever you go. Sure your smart phone may be able to play music but sound quality leaves many audiophile wanting. The best option is to get a portable music player. Below are the latest personal mp3 & mp4 players for music on the go.

Cowon Plenue 1

If you take your music seriously and if you have money to spare, then you cannot go wrong with the Cowon Plenue 1. It may be on the pricey end but the sound quality of this player is definitely worth the price. This player supports audio file types that include SACDs, DSD and FLAC. It only comes with 125GB built-in memory but if you find that too small then you can always double it to 256GB. One of the niftiest feature of this player is its ability to serve as a USB DAC.

bgt1iPod Nano

A discussion of the top MP3 and MP4 players will not be complete without mentioning a product of Apple. After all, Apple revolutionize the portable music player with the introduction of the iPod. The iPod Nano is the smaller and more affordable version of the iPod. This is why it is also the most popular. The new iPod Nano comes with Bluetooth capability that opens it to different audio accessories. As good as it is, the iPod Nano is not perfect though. For one, it comes with a mediocre screen resolution. Apple also cut out several useful features for the Nano such as the camcorder, speaker, microphone, etc. Still, the iPod Nano is a good choice for anyone for a reliable portable music player.

Sony Walkman NW-ZX2

If you are really loaded with money then you should getting a premium music player such as the Sony Walkman NW-ZX2. This also serves as a throwback for anyone who grew up in the 80s who owned an original Sony Walkman music player. This player runs on Android and it has onboard Wi-Fi that allows users to load music streaming apps. It also supports an extensive array of files including DSD and lossless files of up to 24/192. Because of its price tag, this player is definitely not for everyone. But if you are really a dedicated music lover then this is the best that you can get.


The PonoPlayer is probably the most charming portable music player because of its innovative design and excellent features. But even though it is significantly cheaper than the Sony Walkman NW-ZX2, it is still quite expensive. Also, it has the worst battery among the music players in the market. Hopefully, the nest generation PonoPlayer will have a better battery and cheaper.


Going to The Movies or Watch at Home?


Which is better?

It’s a question often asked and echoed by many. It makes us wonder whether there’s really any one real answer to that.

It is obvious is that most people love watching movies. It could be so because movies let us escape from our usual, cumbersome routine lives. They take us to other places, events and times, even if it’s just for some hours. Most of us are made to think hard, laugh till we cry, and some will actually cry.

This particular aspect divides us- where to watch movies. Some will prefer watching movies at home, asserting that it’s a less expensive option. We may lay down with some big blanket, along with our own popcorn, and some will watch while cuddling with their loved ones or favorite animal at home.

Others will prefer heading to the theaters, most likely to have the ultimate experience. It’s an all different experience, watching movies with other persons, whether friends or strangers. Among the various reasons, one may get easily distracted while watching at home, pausing to perform several chores around the home.

Some individuals prefer going to the movies more because of the popcorn, the big screens, the red velvet seats and the excitement once lights are turned off. To them, nothing beats the atmosphere at the theaters, as lights go out and everyone quiets down.

Theater Lovers

At specific times, those who love heading to theaters will prefer watching at home. Case in point, some will prefer watching movies at home during Christmas, despite the much they love it at theaters. Also, the weather gets to be a factor when deciding where and why. It’ll get quite cold in some areas, and some will just opt to wrap up in their blankets and watch their film.

Lots of people assert that it’s much easier to go for a movie marathon at home than at the theaters. Also, it allows them to make all types of fun snacks, at their convenience. That’s way cheaper than heading to the theater.

Some claim that they’re unable to justify the expenses which come with watching at the movies. They also add that they can head to the movies, only if the audience isn’t disturbing, but rather respectful.

Some will conclude watching at theaters to be more disruptive, with annoying talking strangers and dealing with the infamous bright lights once they open their cell phones to see who’s texting them. At least, by watching at home, one doesn’t have to deal with some other stranger kicking the chair annoyingly.

Still yet, there’re those who believe watching at home is much of a better option when they’re single and lonely. Most are those who don’t wish to go to theaters all by theirselves. But also, some stand by the notion that going to theaters on their own is much better than being accompanied.

Economic Hardships

as33Many are still faced by tough economic hardships today. That doesn’t necessarily imply that the enjoyment in watching movies must be sacrificed.

Yes, there’s something to be said about big screen viewing. But yet, the home serves as an intimate, comfortable and common place for families, of all social levels, to enjoy classic, newly released movies.

Notably, watching movies at home is inexpensive and intimate among all ages. In addition to being convenient, you’d spend nearly 3-4 times less at home, and as a family, compared to what you’d spend in theaters.

Upon deciding to head to the theater, you become subjected to some time table, cost and maybe, incovenience. You could get stuck in traffic, miss out and your plans get pushed back. You might have kids with you, and they’ll need to use the bathroom. At the theater, you could miss out on several scenes while attending to your little ones.

Watching movies is a widely common form of entertainment. It ought to bring fun, delight and pleasure, rather than anger and frustration. There’re distinct differences between watching at home and going to theaters.

So, going to the movies or watching at home? The choice is entirely dependent on various factors, including cost, convenience and privacy as well. More than often, your personal preferences will matter greatly.

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